Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flora / Fungi / France / Famille

My last post included an image from this Vogue Paris November 2010 editorial, Une Dimanche a la Campagne (A Sunday in the Country) with Sasha Pivovarova. Today I came across this mushroom image from the blog, Cannelle et Vanille, and the colors reminded me of the Vogue editorial, so I decided to post more images from the spread. Vogue Paris is hands down my favorite of the Vogues, and is one of my top favorite fashion magazines. I'm not sold on Sasha as a mom and I wished she looked a bit happier, but I like the story that's being told, or at least the story I'm interpreting; a nostalgic view of a daughter's first steps into fashion guided by her mother. These images feel like memories, as though years the daughter later is sifting through old childhood photos, reflecting on happy, playful times with her maman.

Click on images to enlarge.

Mushroom image from Cannelle et Vanille, all Vogue Paris images from Fashion Gone Rogue.

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