Sunday, March 28, 2010

Although the majority of my blog posts have been about fashion, that was not my original intention. But I never posted anything about Paris Fashion Week, and since it's my favorite of the four big fashion week cities, I couldn't let it slip by. I've seen this video a couple of times, and in my opinion, it just exemplifies everyday French fashion and why I love it so much. More than just a fashion video, it also feels like an experimental music video. It successfully blurs the lines between music, fashion and art. I should let the video speak for itself.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I came across this collection of Puerto Rican posters from 1952-85. Many of the posters have a playful folk art aesthetic with their colorful, illustrative imagery combined with what appears to be hand-drawn type. As a designer, sometimes you find yourself searching for the perfect typeface and nothing seems to fit. Hand rendering type can be a risk work taking when it results in something one-of-a-kind and refreshingly original, if not necessarily perfect.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mad Men
. Kim Novak in Vertigo. 1990's Prada revival. Librarian chic. If that sounds a bit all over the place, it's because I'm not really sure where to focus with this collection. I'm thinking a little harder about Prada than some other labels simply because it's Prada and there's usually some sort of intellectual bent in her collections. My first reaction was that it felt TOO Prada, too easy and nothing new. Then I appreciated it's maturity. This is for a woman, not a trendy 20 year old. I do see a subtle reference to the curvy silhouettes of Mad Men and the 1960's, which seems like an easy attempt to qualify this as socially relevant yet retro at the same time. Can't we use another decade to comment on sexist stereotypes? Or is the reference to the 60's instead of the pervasive 70's elsewhere in fashion another statement in itself? I'm still scratching my head, which may be the sign of a successful collection.

I'm a little behind with my fashion week posts, but I wanted to post a highlight from London. Burberry's strength, predictably, is outerwear. Well tailored, and highly marketable, not only did they stream the show online but each piece was available for pre-order instantaneously. I wouldn't say Christopher Bailey is pushing the design envelope, but he keeps a very old label relevant. I love the autumn colors and the mix of masculine/feminine.