Sunday, September 12, 2010

Golden Glow

I was scrolling through a slideshow of art-inspired wedding cakes on the Martha Stewart Weddings website and this Gustav Klimt-inspired cake really caught my eye. The pastry chef, Wendy Kromer, did a great job of distilling the Klimt aesthetic into an edible work of art. Klimt paintings carry a feeling of opulence that could easy be overwrought when interpreted in another medium. There's something really striking about the delicate nature of gold leaf.

Over the past year I've been really drawn to gold, a warm golden glow can be so visually captivating. A more ephemeral example of this is Horsetail Falls, a natural wonder that can only be described as sublime and luminescent.

Gold is ubiquitous. It can be used or interpreted in a myriad of ways; symbolically, decoratively or naturally.

I'll end with a little more golden eye candy below..

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