Friday, November 26, 2010


Watercolor paint, especially watercolor typography, has been lingering in the back of my mind for about a year and a half. While researching imagery for a campaign at work, I was inspired by the work of Jody Barton (above) and had the big idea that I would illustrate type using watercolor, or commission an illustrator to do so. Due to budget and time restraints I decided to shelf the idea and pursue an alternate course. Fast forward to November 2010 and I discovered more watercolor typography that still has me itching to experiment. Since I've decided 2011 shall be the year of the personal project I might add watercolor type onto my list of things I want to explore. My recent discovery was the work of Sasha Prood, an illustrator and designer living in Brooklyn. I was also excited to find out that she designs graphics for J.Crew, considering I've been drooling over their graphics, catalog design and photography since high school. It's always nice to know who the behind the scenes talent is.

Getting back to watercolor, I'm really fascinated by the precision these illustrators have achieved in their work. A few months ago I bought watercolor masking fluid, to help refine my method of application, but I was so turned off by the toxic fumes I put it away and haven't re-opened it in months. I was convinced that Jody Barton was using some tool, like masking fluid, to keep his paint from running. But after seeing this image below from his website, I'm not so sure! This is obviously a matter that requires further investigation and experimentation!

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