Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Chocolate Bar

We're living in a sort of culinary renaissance era. It seems like everyday there's a new way to redefine what is considered gourmet. Take the chocolate bar for instance. Aside from a handful of artfully designed wrappers, the chocolate bar itself has largely remained the iconic brown rectangle, sometimes divided into smaller rectangles, sometimes not. The availability of quality chocolate has vastly improved, and you no longer need to look as far as Belgium or Austria for artisan chocolate. Thankfully America has come a long way since the Hershey bar. But now it's taking a new direction, wherein the design of the bar itself is evolving and becoming more decorative, more reflective of the variety of ingredients and ingenuity of the chocolatier. These are certainly impressive looking treats, and seem as fun to make as they are to eat! I love the color block-ish Mary & Matt bar and the gold flecked Chocomize bar.

From the top: Byrne & Carlson Chocolate Bars, Mary & Matt Chocolate Editions, Chocomize

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